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Duarte Nursery Stocked With Abundant Supply of Ultra Clean Grapevines for 2014

Duarte Nursery

A Vision for Clean Plants Achieved

Location: Hughson, CA
WIN Profile: Duarte Nursery

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Growers throughout California and beyond can take advantage of an abundant supply of disease-free rootstock and scion buds now available for the 2014 grafting and delivery season from Duarte Nursery, the largest permanent crops nursery in the United States.

“This is the cleanest generation of rootstocks ever produced,” asserts company president John Duarte, who points out that growers can plant with security, knowing that Duarte Nursery plant material is certified and virus free.

Duarte Nursery is currently stocked with 30 million rootstocks and 50 million scion buds, certified and tested for 2014. The company offers grapevines in multiple formats to accommodate a diversity of growing conditions, including the Big Pot Benchgraft, Tall Pot Benchgraft, the MagnumVine and UberVine.

Duarte’s Big Pot Benchgraft is a proven commodity, showing phenomenal growth performance on more than 100 million grapevines throughout California for the last 25 years. The Tall Pot has a smaller footprint, which works spectacularly well in warmer climates and can produce fruit by the second season. The Magnum Vine is excellent for organic growers, high-density vineyards or for those having limited water resources. Already 36 inches tall, the Uber Vine can be planted directly at stake, reducing vineyard establishment time and labor costs.

“We have very experienced field reps who explain how our products will work for each grower’s specific situation,” Duarte says. “We’re customer-focused. We’ll come out and walk you through it.”

Field representatives by area include:

Stefan Daniels, North Coast Central Coast, 415.309.3930
Steve Scheuber, Central Coast San Joaquin Valley, 209.531.5065
John Arellano, Sierra Foothills Lodi & Clarksburg, 559.804.6949
Ed Needham, San Joaquin Valley Southern Ca, 559.977.7282
Lorin Amsberry, Sacramento Valley Sierra Foothills, 530.300.5059
Vernon Hendley, San Joaquin Co Sacramento Valley, 209.613.4767
Joel Myers, Oregon Washington, 503.435.8932

Duarte Nursery has made significant capital investments in infrastructure over the last 4-5 years, allowing for two new greenhouses, increased on-site energy efficiency and a host of new, clean-plant product technologies.

“We had a vision a decade ago about producing clean plants and giving customers the selection and the service that they wanted,” Duarte says. “Now we’re there. We’ve got all the primary pieces in place. It’s exciting.”

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For information and orders call (209) 531-0351 or email

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