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Sherry Wine Launches Campaign to Expand US Footprint

Having Established a Solid Foundation with Trade, Distinctive Spanish Wine Region Now Poised to Reach Consumers with Integrated Communications

New York, NY March 20, 2017 – The Regulatory Council for Sherry Wine, the Consejo Regulador of the Dominations of Origin for Jerez-Xérès-Sherry-Manzanilla (www.sherry.wine), announces the launch of a new integrated communications campaign in the United States that includes events (trade and consumer), press relations and social media. Having spent the past several years establishing a solid foundation for Sherry with trade audiences, the Consejo will now focus on building awareness and educating America’s wine-loving consumers about the distinctive qualities, traditions and cuisine of Sherry. Colangelo & Partners (www.colangelopr.com), a wine-focused public relations agency, and trade education specialists aka wine geek (www.akawinegeek.com), which has been instrumental in the promotion of Sherry in the US for over a decade, will partner on the new campaign. 

The oldest Spanish Denomination of Origin, Sherry Wine promotes the exceptional fortified Spanish wines from the ‘Sherry Triangle’ (Jerez, El Puerto de Santa María and Sanlúcar de Barramenda) and its incredible diversity of styles.  These distinctive wines are produced with indigenous grape varietals and ancient winemaking and ageing techniques, representing the rich history of Sherry.

“After years of building awareness of Sherry wine within the U.S. wine and spirits industry, we are excited to launch a new integrated communications campaign with a focus on consumers,” explained César Saldaña, Managing Director of the Consejo Regulador for the Denominations of Origin “Jerez-Xérès-Sherry” and “Manzanilla.” “This promotion comes at a time of growing appreciation for Spanish food and wine, providing us with a great opportunity to showcase the distinctive style, taste and history of Sherry wines.”

The new integrated campaign will continue successful promotions including the Sherry Cocktail Competition, which has made Sherry an integral ingredient on America’s burgeoning cocktail scene; SherryFest, a multiday celebration of Sherry for trade and consumers; and ‘Copa Jerez,’ a global culinary pairing competition. Additionally, there will be an added emphasis on press relations and expanded, consumer-focused social media.

For more information about the campaign please email sherrywines@colangelopr.com or visit www.sherry.wine.  Follow Sherry Wine on social media via Facebook (www.facebook.com/SherryWinesJerez), Twitter (@SherryWines), and Instagram (@SherryWinesJerez).

About Sherry Wine

The Consejo Regulador of the Dominations of Origin “Jerez-Xérès-Sherry” and “Manzanilla” is the regulatory council for Sherry Wines, the first wine to be protected by a Denomination of Origin in Spain. Established in 1933, the role of the Consejo is to both protect and market the Sherry Wine brand locally and internationally. Exporting to over 50 markets Sherry is one of the most exported wines of Spain. We will keep you up to date on events and news taking place both in Jerez and internationally.

About aka wine geek

aka wine geek specializes in the professional presentation of wine, beer, sake, spirits and non-alcohol beverage education for the trade, consumers, press and the media. ​The company acts as a liaison between all strata of the industry, serving in an educational and advisory capacity between producer, importer, distributor, sales force, restaurateur, retailer, management, servers, and all others involved in the presentation and sales of beverages, creating the opportunity for successful interface with the consumer.

About Colangelo & Partners

Founded in 2006, Colangelo & Partners specializes in premium food, wine, spirits and lifestyle brands, and has long established relationships with key press and trade that drive these business categories and help determine the industry leaders. Agency principals have years of experience in retail and distribution as well as communications, a rare combination that gives Colangelo & Partners invaluable insights into consumer purchasing behavior. The agency focuses on ‘closing the loop’ between creative communications programs, distribution, promotion, publicity and the consumer in order to maximize the efficiency of its communications programs and deliver measurable results. For more information about Colangelo & Partners, please visit www.colangelopr.com.

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