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Historic “Annie Green Springs” Brand to Return to Market

The iconic Annie Green Springs brand of wine, one of the most popular and best selling wines in America in the 1970’s and a favorite on college campuses across the Country, will be returning to the market, rolling out this Winter. Richard Kanakaris, a 38 year wine industry veteran, who recently brought back the historic TIPO wine brand (in conjunction with Stama Winery in Lodi) announced the return of Annie Green Springs.

“Annie is back!” said Kanakaris. “Many college students in the 1970’s have very fond memories of Annie Green Springs’ fruity flavored and spritzy wines and now a new younger generation will be able to see why Annie was loved by so many Americans.” “Also,” Kanakaris said, “Baby Boomers can also bring back their fond memories when they revisit the new Annie wines.”

The Annie Green Springs wines will have the traditional Annie style of being intensely fruity, light in alcohol, slightly sweet and fizzy, just the kind of refreshing wines younger consumers are enjoying in great numbers.

Annie will be packaged in 750 ML bottles with a Stelvin screw cap finish and vivid eye catching labels. “These fresh, delicious, refreshing wines  are going to be huge in the marketplace,” said Kanakaris, who has sold over three million cases of wine in his career through various wineries he has either owned, managed or co managed. More details will be forthcoming soon.

16 Comments on "Historic “Annie Green Springs” Brand to Return to Market"

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  1. Debbie says:

    Please bring back Tickled Pink!! It’s the only wine my husband will drink!!!!

  2. Gerard McauleyAwsome says:

    Awsome,I drank Plum Hollow in Okinawa in 74.Will you bring it to market.Loved it

  3. Where can I purchase a case of Annie Green Springs Wine - Cherry Country flavor says:

    Is there any person that I can contact to get information on where to purchase a case of Annie Green Springs – Cherry Country flavored
    I have search the internet and have come up with nothing.

  4. Editor says:

    Reach out to for more information about Annie Green Springs Wine.

  5. Mark Damuth says:

    Apricot Splash was the best!

  6. ET says:

    Man….. PEACH CREEK; COUNTRY CHERRY; PLUM HOLLOW; The lil fat bottles with the ring on it- had the floor and dresser of my room LINED TWO DEEP with these numbers!!!! LOL Sure hope the the reboot has the same greatness!!!! Lol

  7. Deanna Shrable says:

    When and where can I purchase annie green springs? I drank it in the 70s while living in Michigan. I now live in Arkansas. Will it be available here? I really want to but some.

  8. Pamela Cummins says:

    Annie Green Springs Plum Hollow was my favorite after study drink in college!!!!

  9. Mary sipes says:

    Where can I buy Annie green springs peach creek from

  10. Hobo says:

    Do’s anyone remember the name of the APPLE flavored one?

  11. Rick says:

    Back home n the 70S I was Berry Frosted often!

  12. lauren says:

    Has anyone been able to learn anything more up to date? many people I knew were excited but this post is very old

  13. Ed Circusitch says:

    I was one of the ones who enjoyed Annie Green Springs in the 70’s. That and Boone’s Farm were my two favorites.

  14. Beth Gay says:

    Annie Green Springs Peach Creek is like having a lovely, ripe peach directly from the orchard. I love the Peach Creek and hope it returns this winter.

    Thank you.

  15. Joe Struif says:

    Where is Annie Green Springs going to be sold and when thank you

  16. Charlene Cunningham says:

    Takes me way back. I remember a strawberry wine. I was young but it was GREAT !

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