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Merchant23.com the Nation’s​ First ​Direct-to-Trade Online Wine Marketplace Is Shaking Up ​the Industry

Marin County, CA: Merchant23.com has emerged as a revolutionary force within the wine industry since their launch in January of 2016. As the nation’s first Direct-to-Trade e-commerce platform for the wine industry, Merchant23.com is the industry’s premier solution for Distribution Simplified.

On Merchant23.com, Retailers, Sommeliers, & Beverage Directors register as Buyers to view Seller’s (Wineries) wholesale wine prices, order samples, and create purchase orders instantly. Their innovative model is made possible by partnerships with distributors in 48 states for clearing and compliance. This enables any Buyer to purchase any wines on Merchant23.com! The platform also allows Buyers to purchase wholesale wines which aren’t on in-state distributors books.

The response to this new method of Direct-to-Trade sales within the wine industry has been astounding. Merchant23.com offers hundreds of different wines available to Buyers in 48 states. In less than two years sales have grown into the millions and show no signs of slowing down as new Buyers and Sellers are joining the platform daily.

  • Merchant23.com connects retailers to exciting, high quality, and avant-garde producers on a digital platform
  • On Merchant23.com there are no hidden fees: shipping, taxes, distribution fees, and licensing are already covered. The price Buyers see is the price they pay
  • By clearing through distributors, Sellers can sell their wines in new markets, and Buyers can purchase new wholesale wines
  • com is revolutionizing the Direct-to-Trade business within the wine industry.

About Merchant23.com: Buyers and Sellers can register for free at Merchant23.com and begin conducting business immediately. Wineries upload products, information, and pricing. Buyers nationwide can request samples, negotiate prices, and create purchase orders directly through Merchant23.com. It’s Distribution Simplified!

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