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Highest Quality Filtration Units Available for Immediate Service

$0.25 Per Gallon Mobile Crossflow Special for New Clients at the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium. JUCLAS USA has two mobile filtration units available today in our Napa warehouse for all your pre-bottling & filtration needs. The JUCLAS USA fleet can perform filtration on all size lots from 1,000 to 100,000 gallons and beyond. These Italian manufactured units are of the highest quality and operate on minimal pressure to reduce oxygen pickup as well as keep losses to less than 1% for maximum volume output. Our 2-4 and 6-10 hollow fiber membrane fully automatic units are available for IMMEDIATE services! 

UWGS Booth: 2103

Since 1987, JUCLAS (Juice Clarification Systems), a part of the VASON Group, continues to grow and expand throughout the world. Headquartered in Verona, Italy, and currently in over 25 countries, JUCLAS, is now expanding even further into the coveted USA market.  With a full staff in place out of Napa, CA – JUCLAS USA is prepared to meet all your clarification, filtration, and juice separation needs across the country. With a wide portfolio ranging from Crossflows and Floatation to Lees Filtration and Yeast Rehydrators, JUCLAS USA and its experienced staff are here to support all your winemaking endeavors. We offer the unique competitive advantage of providing our clients with both equipment and adjuvant solutions. Our VASON line of products are the highest level of quality and help ensure successful production regardless of harvest variations. Our USA team is local, available, and always ready to assist.

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