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New Precision Carbonation System

VA Filtration introduces our new precision carbonation system to the industry! The PRECARB system is a diffusion based CO2 addition system that can precisely control the level of CO2 in wine, cider or beer. It can also be used for the removal of dissolved oxygen from wine. Completely automated, just input the level of CO2 you need in g/l and the system will do the rest. With flow rates of between 5 and 25 gpm possible, this system is ideal for the winemaker looking to control CO2 levels pre-bottling. The CARBONATOR is designed and manufactured by VA Filtration USA in the USA.

VA Filtration USA
UWGS Booth: 914

VA Filtration is a wine service company specializing in the removal of undesirable taints from wine including VA, EA, 4EP, Smoke, TCA.  We also offer alcohol reduction, crossflow filtration, carbonation systems, dynamic crossflow systems and small lot taint removal systems. We are an in-house manufacturer of all our state of the art equipment and offer mobile servicing for all our systems. 

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