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New Precision Carbonation System from VA Filtration

VA Filtration has just introduced its new precision carbonation system at the Unified Symposium. The PreCarb system, called the Carbonator, is a diffusion-based CO2 addition system that allows the winemaker precise control over the level of CO2 in wine, cider, or beer.

“The biggest difference this machine offers is the precise level of CO2 you desire without beating up the wine,” says Bryan Tudhope, President and CEO of VA Filtration. “You don’t lose the unique aromatics of the wine by rolling or sparging tanks and no oxidation occurs in the closed system.”

The system measures the amount of CO2 in the wine as it exits the machine using infrared technology, based on a level that is set on the control panel by the winemaker. The Carbonator can also be used to remove CO2 and dissolved oxygen from the wine when operated in a vacuum phase.

It is completely automated, so no sparging or frequently checking numbers is required. The machine also operates in a closed system so no loss of aromatics or outside oxidation occurs during the process.

The Carbonator is an addition to VA Filtration’s multitude of services to directly add quality and value by gentling removing undesirable components or taints from your wine on site. Operating mobile services in most of the best wine regions in the world including USA, Australia, Europe, and South America; VA Filtration not only brings the service to you but promises to do so in a fast, efficient, and quality-focused method.

VA Filtration is a global leader in the design and manufacture of membrane-based wine processing equipment. With more than 16 mobile and rental machines available and more than 8 service offerings, VA Filtration has the largest and most diverse fleet of mobile wine processing equipment.

For more information, contact bryan@vafiltration.com or visit www.vafiltration.com/usa/.


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