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Soleil Mimosa Unveils New Cans

(DEMING, NM) — Just in time for summer, Soleil Mimosa recently announced the release of their new 375-milliliter canned mimosas. Reflecting their already popular bottled mimosas, three varieties are now available through distributors and in retailers across the nation. Varieties include the traditional Soleil Mimosa Classic, the tropical Soleil Mimosa Mango, and lively Soleil Mimosa Pineapple, all made with real fruit juice, white wine, and a slight bubble.

Canned mimosas aren’t a new thing for Soleil Mimosa, who has been well-ahead of the wine-in-a-can trend since 2012 when they released a 187-milliliter slim can featuring their “Classic” variety. After finding success, they decided to upgrade to the larger format and extend their offering. Using only real, fresh-squeezed fruit juices, Soleil Mimosa perfected their ‘blissfully blended’ varieties over 25 years following their initial conception.

“We source the freshest, most flavorful juices available,” said Winemaker Melissa Landeros. “Cans preserve the freshness to ensure that when it reaches you, it’ll be as fresh as it was when we made it.”

Manufactured by Ball Corporation, aluminum cans have many advantages over glass. Aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable, lightweight, portable, shatterproof, and they chill much faster.

“Cans just make sense for us,” said Daniel Gonzales, Creative Content Manager at Soleil Mimosa. “Our mimosas have a fun, no-nonsense attitude, and cans make it easy to enjoy them outside of the traditional brunch setting.”

There is no need for glassware, they’re always perfectly made, and they are ideal for packing in an ice chest. Retailing at $5.99 each, two cans are equivalent to a typical 750-milliliter bottle, making it easy to share with friends anytime, anywhere.

“After just one sip, you might realize you don’t want to share,” joked Daniel. “The only challenge with these will be making sure that you have enough to go around.”

“Soleil” is the French word for “sun” and reflects the French heritage of the Lescombes family, who produce Soleil Mimosa as sixth-generation winemakers. As one of only a handful of U.S. wineries that have a food-grade certified facility, Soleil Mimosa has a commitment to producing top quality products. As the #1 mimosa in America, Soleil Mimosa’s blissful blends are made with the finest wine and freshest juice under the sun. For information on distribution, visit Soleil Mimosa’s website at:, or ask for it at your local retailer.

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