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Bottle Design Company “Keeps the Dream Alive” in Napa with State of the Art Etching Services

When Stu McFarland teamed up with his brother in law to do wine bottle designs in a repurposed chicken coop nearly 26 years ago, he probably couldn’t have envisioned the way that endeavor would grow and prosper.

But the 15 employees who make up Etched Images (now housed in a seven-bay, temperature-controlled warehouse in Napa) definitely attribute their successful, high-end bottle design work to McFarland’s original dream.

The stellar reputation McFarland built around Etched Images is based on the company’s ability to create distinctive, hand-etched and painted wine bottle designs, produced one bottle at time.

“We start with an image, then make a stencil which is applied to the bottle,” explains the company’s Lead Etcher Carlos Bautista. “We cover the rest of the bottle in tape so that no other part of the glass becomes frosted. Then we start sandblasting. Depending on the complexity of the design, the process can take between 10 to 20 minutes per bottle.”

Bautista notes that the company can also incorporate fine art and canvas label inserts into the etching and painting process.

Etched Images’ custom-engraved wine bottles have become immensely popular for corporate clients looking for a unique way to celebrate company milestones or reward employees for a job well done.

They are also in high demand for wine club events, weddings, anniversaries – and for wineries that want to showcase a specific vintage or variety of wine.

“We can do one bottle at a time, or 5,000,” attests Lori Eckert, Etched Images’ VP of Operations. “It just depends on what the client wants.”

Etched Images is the originator of NoChip Dip™, a custom, dipping wax that creates a shimmering finish to each individual bottle. NoChip Dip™ is available in 19 different colors, including metallics that are guaranteed not to chip or flake and is completely recyclable. Etched Images also offers bottle dipping services. 

In addition, Etched Images offers Blackened Wine Bottles for floor display and marketing purposes. The blackened bottles simulate a full bottle of red wine, have an unlimited shelf life and are U/V resistant. Etched Images will either blacken bottles provided to them, or can supply customers with the large format 1.5L to 1.12L bottles they have in stock. 

Etched Images’ services are not confined to wine bottles. The company can also do bottle design and wax dipping for beer growlers and spirits containers as well.

Stu McFarland passed away last June. According to Eckert, Etched Images’ employees are more committed than ever to keeping McFarland’s dream of a premium company known for high quality design, skilled artists and excellent customer service alive.

“Stu was wonderful to work with. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him,” Eckert proclaims.  “He is very much missed.”

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